Any participant in the local and European market must get ENTSO-E Identification Code (IEC) to facilitate its participation.

Any company that wants to become a participant in the natural gas market in the Republic of North Macedonia must obtain an ENTSO-E identification code (EIC), which identifies the participant in all market transactions.

НОМАГАС АД Скопје е локална канцеларија за издавање на EIC кодови.

Necessary documents for issuing EIC code are:

·Completed Request for Issuance of EIC Code

·Valid work license issued by ERC

·Current status of the company from the Central Registry

The documents must be sent electronically to dispatch@nomagas.com.mk and delivered to the archive of NOMAGAS JSC Skopje.

• List of international EIC codes assigned by NOMAGAS JSC Skopje

• List of local EIC codes assigned by NOMAGAS JSC Skopje

For additional information, you can contact NOMAGAS JSC Skopje at:

· E-mail: dispatch@nomagas.com.mk

• Address: EIC Code Issuing Office: Blvd. "Sveti Kliment Ohridski" no. 54 1000 Skopje Republic of North Macedonia

For additional information, you can visit the website of ENTSO-E:

Issued EIC codes