Section Valve station 5 (Stip)-Negotino

According to the Law on borrowing of the Republic of Macedonia from Deutsche Bank and Erste Bank under the Facility Agreement for the Project “Gasification of the Republic of Macedonia – Phase 1 section Stip – Negotino - Bitola and section Skopje – Tetovo – Gostivar”, funds for the construction of section “Valve Station 5 (Stip) - Negotino” have been provided.

The construction started in June 2016 and completed in 2019.


Technical parameters:

  • Line part in length of 36 km with pipe diameter DN 500 (20”);
  • Valve stations: VS 7(DN500); VS Negotino (DN80); VS 8 (DN400) and VS Kavadarci 1 (DN150);
  • MMRS „Stip”, with capacity Q=19 000 m3/h;
  • MMRS „Negotino”, with capacity Q=7 000 m3/h.


Route description:

The route of “Valve station 5 (Stip) – Negotino” starts from Valve Station 5 near the city of Stip (where the section “Klechovce-Valve station 5” ends), passes the Serta mountain, passes through the far eastern part of the Krivolak military range and goes towards the Vardar river. After the crossing on the Vardar river, the main gas pipeline section until its end at the connection for Kavadarci is moving west. In this part, the route goes south from Negotino, north of TPP Negotino and north of the city of Kavadarci.