Section “Klechovce – Valve station 5”

In accordance with the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and the Government of the Russian Federation on the settlement of obligations of the former USSR related to settlements of accounts under the commodity exchange between the former USSR and the former SFRY, the construction of section ’’Klechovce-Valve station 5’’ started in the first quarter of 2015 and finished in June 2016.


Technical parameters:

  • Line part DN500 in length of 61 km;
  • Valve stations: VS1 (DN500), VS2 (DN200), VS3 (DN500), VS4 (DN400), VS5 (DN500), VS6 (DN700 ) and VS Stip (DN100 );
  • Pig Launching station DN500;
  • Fiber optic casing pipe


Route description:

The route of section ’’Klechovce-Valve Station 5’’ starts in the Klecovce region as a connection to the existing gas pipeline Kriva Palanka - Skopje and continues south to the Negotino region. This section of the national main gas pipeline system of the Republic of Macedonia from its beginning near the village of Klechovce, Kumanovo moves south towards the city of Sveti Nikole, which is bypased in a wide arch from its eastern side where a connection point is envisaged for the branch towards Veles and Sveti Nikole. From this point the stretching direction of the section takes southeast direction towards the city of Stip. In continuance, until the crossing on the Vardar river, the general stretching direction of this gas pipeline section is to the south. In this part, the section comes to TIDZ Stip from its northwest side, passes west of the city of Stip, crosses the Bregalnica river, the Lakavica river and ends at Valve Station 5, in length of 61 km.